Artificial eyes made of glass have a long tradition
The existence of eye protheses was described with
text and illustrations by the French surgeon
Ambroise Pare for the first time in the 16th century.
At that time there were 3 different kinds of eye
  • Eyes worn over the eyelids
    They were fixed by means of steel springs
    worn arround the head
  • Gold and silver bowls, enamelled
    (oval shape)
  • Glass eye
    (oval shape, reverse side coated with lead)
In the middle of the 17th century Paris became the
centre of the manufacture of artificial human eyes
made of glass. The manufacturers probably came

from Venice.In 1835
Ludwig Müller-Uri from
Lauscha developed the
first German artificial eye
made of glass. Arround
1870 the so-called cryolite
glass, which is still used
nowadays, was invented
for the manufacture of
artificial eyes.